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Miles Davis - I Fall in Love Too Easily
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I Fall in Love Too Easily - Miles Davis from Seven Steps To Heaven


I fall in love too easily

Miles Davis - trumpet

Ahmad Jamal - piano

Ron Carter - bass

Frank Butler - drums

Seven Steps To Heaven / 1963


Beggin for Thread • BANKS

Female vocalists and 2014. Two things that, in my opinion, go hand in hand. Maybe it’s just now that I’ve realized it, but hell, I think women have taken over and I couldn’t be more stoked about it. Show your support by picking this track up on iTunes. Please and thank you. 

High as the light of day
You’re falling down across your lost highway
Pain - does it hurt this way?
To come so far to find they’ve closed the gates?
You’ve lost your tongue when you fall from the pendulum
Your heart is a drum keeping time with everyone